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Wheel of Fortune Fitness


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A neat and novel activity to enhance fitness for grades 3-5.  
Submitted by Scott Currier, Olathe, Kansas.



BACKGROUND: “Wheel of Fortune” Fitness combines fitness and fun! Here’s how we do it -

1. Make a spinner wheel that has four colored pointers. Around the wheel are a variety of standard exercises.

2. As the students enter the gym, they go and sit on assigned color-coded spots of red, black, green, or blue.

3. A student is selected to spin the wheel. The color-coded spinner will point to an exercise. Aerobic exercise music is played as the students do the corresponding exercises.

In the example above, the students on the red spots would do jumping jacks, the students on the black spots would do curl- ups, the students on the blue spots would do reverse push-ups, and the green players would do ski jumps.

4. Instruct the students to change spots every 30 seconds. This will ensure that the students get to do all of the designated exercises. Once the four exercises have been completed, spin again for another set of exercises!

EXTRA, Extra: Try making “skill wheels” for your jump rope skills, basketball skills, or other Physical Education units.

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