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Ultimate Keentan

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A cool “combo game” that is guaranteed to raise both skill level and heart rate!
By Sally White



Ultimate Keentan is a combination of the Australian aborigine keep-away game of Keentan and Ultimate Frisbee. This is a fast-paced running, passing and catching team keep-away game.

We use a basketball court-sized playing area to create two games at the same time. As seen in the graphic to the right, Red and Yellow are in one game, while Blue and Green are in the second game.

Each game has two teams of 4-6 players. Players wear flag football belts to indicate the team they are on.


  • To start, a player from one team selects an item from the large container (nerf ball, catchball, football, etc.).
  • To begin play, this player stands with one foot on the team’s outside boundary line and passes the ball to an open player.
  • The other team, which starts from behind the midcourt line, moves in to play defense when the ball is thrown.
  • Kangaroo Jump: All balls must be caught while the receiver is in the air. This follows the traditional Australian game of Keentan where the players must catch a ball by jumping into the air like a kangaroo.
  • Note: You may also require players to jump when passing the ball. The ball is thrown from player to player down the court.
  • Players with the ball may not move, only pivot.
  • All other offensive players should be trying to shake their defensive player and get open for a pass.

To Score:

  • When a successful pass is made to a player standing behind the goal line, a point is scored.
  • The person who catches the ball goes to the equipment container, picks out a different ball and gives it to the opposing team to re-start the game again from behind their goal line.

Other Rules:

  • If the ball is dropped or knocked to the ground, the other team gains possession at that spot and begins immediately making passes moving the opposite way down the court.
  • A change of possession also occurs when a thrown ball falls to the ground untouched.

W.O.W. (words of wisdom)
Here are a few teacher tips to consider:

  • Defensive players may not guard the player with the ball.
  • Remind everyone to pass and move toward the goal line.
  • Move to open spaces. Keep moving.
  • No physical contact is allowed.
  • Use quick, short passes.


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