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Ultimate Everything

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A great game to reinforce the basics of throwing, catching, moving with and without equipment, cooperation, and teamwork!


Set-up as many games as space permits, at least 40 x 100 feet. Assign two teams per game, 5 to 6 students per team. Place a bucket with a variety of objects (bean- bags, balls, Frisbees, etc.) in each team’s end zone.

In this game, the basic Ultimate Frisbee rules apply. The game begins by hav- ing one team selecting an item from the bucket (ex: nerf football) and throwing it high into the air toward the receiving team. When the item is caught, the receiv- ing team passes it from player to player as in the game of Ultimate Frisbee. When a score is made, the scoring team selects another item from the bucket as play continues. To increase player participation, you may want to require all players on each team to catch and pass the object before attempting to score.

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