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Triple Trouble Crazy Softball

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A unique high-interest softball game for grades 4-6.
Submitted by Cathie Feese, Iola, Kansas and Kitty Greiner, Dubois, Pennsylvania.



Equipment Needed: One plastic ball and bat, two short jump ropes, two basketballs, two bowling pins, and softball bases.

Playing Field: This softball activity is played on a basketball court so that second base has a basketball goal. Layout the playing area so that at first base there are two jump ropes. At second base there are two basketballs. At third base there are two bowling pins.

Rules: This activity is played very much like softball, except that there are certain stunts that the batter and the baseplayers have to perform.

As the batter circles the bases, he or she has to stop and perform a specific stunt at each base. The fielding team will retrieve the ball and throw it around the bases. As the ball gets to each base, the baseman has to perform the same stunts as the batter.

The object of the game is for the batter to complete the bases before the outfield team can get the ball back to home plate. Each baseman has a “back-up,” who is an extra player assigned to the base to assist the baseman.

The ball is pitched underhand to the batter. The batter must hit the ball into fair territory and advance to first base.

  • At first base, the batter tags the base and jumps the rope 3 times.
  • At second base, the batter tags the base and has 3 chances to make a basket. As soon as a basket is made, the batter goes to third base.
  • At third base, the batter knocks down a bowling pin, sits down, and then sets the pin back up using the his feet only. The batter then proceeds to home plate.

As soon as the ball is hit into fair territory, the ball is fielded and thrown to first base. The first baseman may not begin his activity until he has touched the ball. It is the first backup’s responsibility to have the ball readily accessible to the first baseman upon completion of his three rope jumps.

The first baseman then throws the ball to second base. Here the second backup will catch the ball and hold it up for the second baseman to tag.

The second baseman then tags the base and starts to shoot the basketball. If a basket is made, the second baseman throws the ball on to third. If, after three tries, a basket is not made, the ball is still thrown to third.

The third backup is supposed to catch the ball, let the third baseman touch it and begin his activity.

Rules for Scoring:

Scoring and Outs: Three strikes are an out. If a fly ball is caught, it’s an out. If the ball beats the runner to first base or home, it is an out.

One point is scored for successfully beating the ball around the bases while making a basket at second base.

No point is scored for successfully beating the ball around the bases and not making a basket at second base.

No out is made if the ball beats the batter around the bases and no basket is made at second base.

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