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The Wheel of Fitness

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A strategy for adding numerous bouts of fitness during your volleyball unit. This helps to improve fitness without having to set-up and break-down the nets during each class. By Bill Bogardus

• Volleyball net
• Exercise cards
• 1 Volleyball per game
• Music (optional)


How This Works
While playing several small-sided volleyball games, the teacher will inject a “bout of fitness” in the following manner.

• Each court is provided with one of eight fitness cards.
• On the teacher’s command, the students perform the exercise on their court’s task card for 30 seconds.
• When time is up, the students rotate around the court (around The Wheel of Fitness).
• Within this activity, all components of fitness have been incorporated.

Teacher Note
• The kids are encouraged to cheer “Wheel of Fitness” as the teacher says “Rotate around the…Wheel of Fitness!”



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