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The Secret Number

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A cool warm-up activity with plenty of action and with a “surprise ending.”

Divide the class into six groups. Each group has a different colored hoop and die. For example, one team would have a red hoop and a red die. (Make sure the dice, pencils and paper are in the hoops before starting the game.)

When the music starts, the first student from each group does the following:

  • Rolls the die,
  • Runs to the pile of numbered Fitness Cards,
  • Selects a card with the corresponding number of the rolled die on it, and
  • Returns to his group.

For example, if a player rolled a “3″ he runs to the fitness card pile, selects a card with the number 3 on it, and returns Home. When back Home, the student shows the rest of his group the name of the exercise printed on the back of the numbered card (i.e., Push-Ups). The entire group performs three push-ups. When the push-ups are completed, the next player rolls the die as the activity continues.

Score Sheet
Each group is responsible for keeping track of the number of points they earn by writing the number on the blank sheet of paper. When all of the Fitness Cards are gone, the teacher stops the music. This is a signal for each group to re-assemble at their Home Hoop and add up their total points.

The Secret Number
The teacher selects a student to determine the “Secret Number.” This is done by the student rolling a die. The number that is rolled provides each team with bonus points. Here’s how it works – listed below are the scores for Team A:

  • 5 points
  • 3 points
  • 2 points
  • 2 points
  • 6 points
  • Total: 18 points. For example, if a “2″ was rolled as the “Secret Number,” then this team would get 2 bonus points or a grand total of 20 points.

A few variations for your consideration:

  • Instead of having a single team winner with the highest point total, challenge the entire class to earn a designated combined total (i.e., 100 points).
  • Use two dice instead of one. Use a multi-sided die (i.e., 10-sided dice). If you decide to do this, the players can select two cards for each roll or two cards that add up to the number rolled (i.e., a “9″ could be “4″ + “5″).
  • Instead of running or using a different locomotor skill, have the students dribble a basketball and pick up the numbered card with the other hand. This can be very challenging!
  • Have one or two Taggers in the center to prevent players from getting a card. If a student is tagged, the next player immediately rolls the die and goes!
  • Establish a “No-Tag” box that is about 8′x8′ square surrounding the pile of cards. If a player gets inside the box, he may not be tagged.
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