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Super Stealth

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A simple and easy activity  made more complex and challenging with a just few tweaks. 

The cones, polyspots and mats are scattered as shown.

Here’s an “I Spy” activity that our younger students seem to enjoy! Select 2-3 students to be the Spies. The rest of the class stands around the perimeter of the room and hides their eyes. The Spies are given three objects (flat beanbags or scarves) to hide underneath the cones, polyspots, or mats. Each object must not be completely hidden. In other words, a part of the object must be visible. When the objects have been hidden, the Spies return to the center of the playing area. On the teacher’s signal, the Spies begin chasing the other students. The other students are safe if they are able to find a hidden object and perform jumping jacks. Students performing jumping jacks cannot be tagged by one of the Spies. If tagged by a Spy, the student goes to one of the mats and performs 10 curl-ups. After completing the curl-ups, he can re-enter the game. Play several 2-3 minute rounds. After each round, select new Spies.

Instead of having the students standing around the perimeter waiting for the Spies to hide the objects, the teacher can lead the class in a variety of wall push-ups. For example, the teacher could say: “Please take one step away from the wall, place your hands on the wall, close your eyes and do 30 wall push-up on my count – 1, 2, 3…”

The game of “Super Duper Stealth” is a bit more complex and extremely fast-paced. In this game, the class is divided into teams of three. The teacher hides the objects under the cones, polyspots, and/or mats. On the teacher’s signal to start, the teams look for a hidden object. When an object is found, any player may pick it up and try to get to one of the two Safety Bases without getting tagged by a player on another team. If tagged, the student must give the object to that student. If that student is tagged by still another player, the item is exchanged again. Once a player is successful in reaching a Safety Base, the object is placed in the container (basket, box, etc.) next to the Safety Base. No items can be taken from this container.

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