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Super Bowl Shuffle

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Robin Olberding from Ames, Iowa submitted this fun fitness activity.  Grades 4-8.

I am an Adapted Physical Education Consultant working with students ages 3-21. This activity has been very successful with upper elementary school and middle school students.This is a fun fitness activity that can be done throughout the year or just before the Superbowl.

To begin, you will need four squads, each with a designated corner of the gym. Have two squads play for one Superbowl team and the other two squads play for the opposing team.


  • Box for each squad’s equipment
  •  Beanbags (1 per person)
  •  Bowling pins and 2 balls
  •  2-3 polyspots
  •  Scoops and yarnballs
  •  Football
  •  Scooterboard
  •  Boom box and music
  •  Scorecard and pencil
  •  Equipment for the sandwich

Game Play: Students begin in their squads in their home corners of the gym. When the music plays, the squads jog around the perimeter of the gym. When the music stops, they move quickly to their home corners and perform the assigned task. Have students jog for 1 minute and then perform the activity for 1 minute. They are to return any equipment to the box and record their scores before jogging. I recommend playing appropriate music in the background. We use the “Jock Rocks” tapes.

Fitness Activities

1. Nacho Pass: Each student has a bean bag and must toss their “nacho” onto a plate (polyspot). Record the number of nachos that land successfully on the plate in 1 minute.

2. End Zone Shuffle: Each student does the grapevine step down a line and yells “HEY!” at the end. Record how many times the line is able to grapevine down and back.

3. Football Toss: One person tosses the football to each member of the squad. Record the number of successful tosses and returns.

4. Carbonated Beverage Fizz: Either have each person perform a snake movement from one spot to another or perform “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” Record how many snake movements were completed or record the number of times “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” was completed.

5. Super Bowl: Give each team the same number of pins and 2-3 balls. Record the total number of pins they knock down in 1 minute. Give them a pin spot and a spot to roll from.

6. Ultimate Hero Sandwich: Each student is given an object with which to build a sandwich (beanbags, polyspots, small cones). One at a time, they are to run to a spot and place their sandwich ingredient on top of the other layers. If the sandwich falls, they are to begin again. When time is called, record the number of ingredients that have been stacked. (This could also be done as a scooter board activity.)

7. Couch Potato Buster: Perform group sit-ups. Record the number completed.

8. Chip/Dip: Toss and catch using scoops and yarn balls. Record the number of successful catches.

Other: The students are given instructions for setting up the eight activities before they begin jogging. For example, each squad would have a poly spot (plate) and the designated tossing line already set-up before the music was played to begin jogging.

Cool-Down: When the activities are completed, a cool down is recommended. Have each squad perform a group cheer for their Super Bowl team. In order to determine the Super Bowl Champs, have the two squads who are cheering for the same team add their scores. The Champ will be the team with the most combined points.

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  1. Jaclyn Pieper August 6, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    This is a great game to play! My students love it! We always play it before super bowl Sunday.

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