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Punchball Volleyball

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A volleyball lead-up game for grades 4-5.
Submitted by Sue Mason, Kirksville, Missouri.

Here’s a fun volleyball lead-up games that uses a rubber punchball. Tape the air stem in the ball so that it will not stick out. I usually adjust the size of the court (using cones to mark the court) and the height of the net to suit each class.

There can be any number of volleys before the ball goes over the net. When an error is committed, a point is given to the opposite team.

Errors are: (1) failure to volley the ball, (2) not hitting the ball over the net, (3) hitting the ball out of bounds on the opponent’s side of the net.

When a point is scored, the serve goes to the other side. When all of the players on the back row have had one chance to serve, the game is over. The lines change from front to back, as a new game begins.

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