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Protect and Deflect

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Cindy Kuhrasch from Verona, Wisconsin, submitted this great game for grades K-2.

At our school we are helping our students to deal with smoking, substance abuse, safety, and other situations. We talk about how parents and guardians help to protect children from getting involved in risky behaviors. To emphasize the point, we have developed a fun dodging game.

Divide the class into three groups – children, caring adults, and risky behaviors. Divide the play area into three sections. The children are in the first section, the caring adults in the middle section, and risky behaviors in the third. The students in the risky behaviors section are given a large box filled with foam balls. They will attempt to throw the balls (risky behaviors – such as not wearing a beat belt, riding a bike without a helmet, etc.) toward the children.

The caring adults have the job of protecting the students from the balls. They can deflect or catch the balls. The students who are the children will dodge the risky behaviors.

When all of the balls have been thrown, we collect the balls and rotate the groups. After all of the groups have rotated to each section, we close with a discussion about how parents, guardians, teachers, and other caring adults help and encourage children to remain safe, healthy, and physically active.

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