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  • Awesome Parachute Dances CD

    Awesome Parachute Dances (Grades K-8)


    This is a special companion to our New Parachute Book. This CD contains all of the music for each of the 13 parachute dances described in the Parachute Book. These include: Patty Cake Polka, Bingo, Crazy Daisy Mixer, Swedish “Stomp” Dance, Solomon Levi, Ding Dong Daddy, Carousel, Children’s Polka, Bunny Hop, Oh Susanna, Dance of Greeting, Teton Mountain Stomp, and Alunelul.

  • Awesome Heart Healthy Dances

    Awesome Heart-Healthy Dances (Grades K-8)


    It’s Artie’s folk/square dance workshop cassette tape or CD! This tape was specially designed to contain all of your favorites. Heart-healthy dances and cardiovascular fitness activities – Dance of the Little Birdy, Bingo Waltz, Virginia Reel, Patty Cake Polka, Japanese Sandman, Pop Goes the Weasel, Seven Jumps, Hokey Pokey, La Raspa, Mayim! Mayim!, Cotton Eyed Joe, Square Dance Reel, and Fisher’s Hornpipe. Complete dance instructions are included in a easy-to-read format.