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Elementary School Books

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  • stepe-nc

    Successfully Teaching Elementary Physical Education


  • Teaching and Assessing Power Standards K-2

    Teaching & Assessing PE Power Standards (Grades K-2)


    Teaching & Assessing PE Power Standards distills State PE Standards and NASPE recommendations into a concise, teachable, and easy to implement curriculum guide.  There are 12 standards per grade level.  Each edition contains games, activities, worksheets, checklists, posters and more!

  • Teaching and Assessing Power Standards-3-5

    Teaching & Assessing PE Power Standards (Grades 3-5)


    Teaching & ASsessing PE Power Standards distills State PE Standards and NASPE recommendations into a concise, teachable, and easy to implement curriculum guide.  There are 12 standards per grade level.  Each edition contains games, activities, worksheets, checklists, posters and more!

  • Great Activities Magazine

    Great Activities Magazine (Grades K-8)


    Since 1982, the Great Activities Newspaper has been the #1 source of fantastic K-8 physical education activities, games, and ideas. Each issue contains a great selection of games and activities written by committed and dedicated physical educators like yourself. This is not a skimpy newsletter printed once or twice a year. There are 48 action-packed pages is every issue and you’ll receive a new issue 5 times during the school year.  FREE with PEP Club Membership!

  • The Best of Great Activities

    The Best of Great Activities (Grades K-8)


    This 240-page book represents the best games, activities, and ideas collected from the Great Activities Newspaper. It’s a treasury of outstanding ideas from physical education teachers from across the United States. Divided into six chapters, this valuable teaching resource will bring you a year-long selection of fun activities.

  • Elementary Teachers Handbook

    Elementary Teacher’s Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games (Grades K-5)


    Written by Artie Kamiya. A treasury of exciting indoor and outdoor games for children. Over 70,000 copies of this book have been sold. It contains hundreds of exciting games and ideas that encourage total group participation and high student success!

  • The Great Games Handbook

    The Great Games Handbook (K-8)

    5.00 out of 5

    The Great Games Handbook for Elementary Physical Education is packed with over 200 pages of the most creative and resourceful skill-based games your students will ever play!

  • The First Six Minutes

    The First 6 Minutes (Grades K-8)


    Judge this book by its cover!  Authored by Hal Cramer, noted Physical Education expert. The Original PE Start-Up Guide contains new and exciting games and activities designed to get all of your students moving within the first six minutes of class. One minute of instruction is followed by 5 minutes of purposeful activity!

  • Positive Personal Social Activities

    Positive Personal Social Activities for Elementary PE (Grades K-5)


    This book contains five action packed chapters that include games and activities for individual and group cooperation skills, class leadership, positive sportsmanship and teamwork, interpersonal skills, and respect for self and others.

  • Outside The Box

    Physical Education: Outside the Box (Grades K-12)


    K-12 Curriculum Incentives for the NEW Physical Education is the product of 60+ years of teaching and supervising K-12 physical education programs. Written by Bud and Sue Turner, this is the latest book of this husband and wife writing team. The ideas in this new text offer a library of planned, purposeful, and exciting activities aimed at motivating all students.

  • Sport Stacking Guide

    Sport Stacking: The Cup Stacking Resource Guide (Grades K-12)


    This one-of-a-kind sport stacking resource comes complete with the “how-to’s,” numerous games and activities, time saving student worksheets, and individual task cards. Written by noted elementary PE teacher, Jim Ross.

  • Infinity Cards Combo

    Infinity Flash Cards/Minds In Motion Everyday – Bundle (Grades K-6)


    Infinity Flash Cards™ are colorful instructional flash cards designed to enhance academic, fitness, and interpersonal skills in the classroom and gym settings.  The multipurpose design of the cards (i.e., colors, shapes, numbers, action words, letters) provides an infinite possibility of fun games and activities!

    Within Minds In Motion, Everyday are numerous games and activities on how to use the Infinity Flash Cards™ for classroom management, body management, skill development, and a variety of curriculum integration lessons. The activities in this valuable resource can be played in a variety of settings – in the classroom, gym, or playground. As you will quickly see, with Infinity Flash Cards™, the possibilities are endless!

  • Elementary PE Workbook

    Elementary Physical Education Workbook (Grades K-5)


    This book is designed to be a practical resource guide for developing skills in teaching elementary physical education. Contains numerous lesson plans, teaching strategies, management techniques, and other special ideas. A workable framework for beginning and experienced teachers.

  • The Project ACES Hanbook

    Project ACES Handbook (Grades K-5)


    This book contains step-by-step descriptions for innovative school-wide projects such as Project ACES, Tri-Fit-A-Thon, The Great Country Fitness Challenge, The Best-Ever Fitness Fair, The Virtual Fitness Jamboree, Fitness Pen Pals, and much more!

  • PE Stations Survival Guide

    PE Stations Survival Guide (K-8)


  • Field Day Survival Guide

    Field Day Survival Guide (Grades K-8)


    Field Day Survival Guide, is a collection of successful field day themes, activities, and helpful hints submitted by dedicated physical educators nationwide. The book is organized by contributors and the field days are presented as a whole from start to finish. Now you can implement a new field day without having to piece it together from different resources.