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High School Products

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  • I Heart PE (Women's)

    I Heart PE T-Shirt


    Wear what you Love!  You’ve gotta get this Classic T!

  • Sale! NPEI 2012 DVDs

    National PE Institute 2012 Keynoter DVD Set

    $40 $30

    Limited-time offer.  While supplies last!

    Get the 3-disk DVD set of the 2012 National PE Institute keynoters.  These DVD’s feature Physical Education’s greatest advocates!

  • NPEI 2013 DVDs

    National PE Institute 2013 Keynoter DVD Set


    Get the multi-disk DVD set of all 10 outstanding keynoters of the 2013 National PE Institute.  See what many of the greatest minds in Physical Education are doing!

  • Teaching and Assessing Power Standards High School

    Teaching & Assessing PE Power Standards (Grades 9-10)


    Teaching & Assessing PE Power Standards distills State PE Standards and NASPE recommendations into a concise, teachable, and easy to implement curriculum guide.  There are 12 standards per grade level.  Each edition contains games, activities, worksheets, checklists, posters and more!

  • The Great Games Handbook

    The Great Games Handbook (K-8)

    5.00 out of 5

    The Great Games Handbook for Elementary Physical Education is packed with over 200 pages of the most creative and resourceful skill-based games your students will ever play!

  • Outside The Box

    Physical Education: Outside the Box (Grades K-12)


    K-12 Curriculum Incentives for the NEW Physical Education is the product of 60+ years of teaching and supervising K-12 physical education programs. Written by Bud and Sue Turner, this is the latest book of this husband and wife writing team. The ideas in this new text offer a library of planned, purposeful, and exciting activities aimed at motivating all students.

  • Sport Stacking Guide

    Sport Stacking: The Cup Stacking Resource Guide (Grades K-12)


    This one-of-a-kind sport stacking resource comes complete with the “how-to’s,” numerous games and activities, time saving student worksheets, and individual task cards. Written by noted elementary PE teacher, Jim Ross.

  • Game Creations

    Games Creations! Great Games for Grades 4-9


    What happens if you mix one motivated junior high physical education teacher with 90 excitable 8th graders? You get Game Creations! You find loads of alternative indoor and outdoor games, fun warm up activities, and new ideas for teaching. The games in this book are great for upper elementary to high school!

  • Pedometer Power

    Pedometer Power – 2nd Edition (Grades K-12 & College)


    The best-selling Pedometer Power is back—updated and expanded with 65 thoroughly field-tested and exciting pedometer activities to motivate participants to become more physically active.

  • Fun and Games

    Fun and Games: 100 Sport-Related Activities (Grades K-12)


    This book contains a range of warm-up ideas, games, skill practices and sport-specific activities to motivate children and encourage active participation. The games use only common sport equipment and are supported by easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations. Useful in both planning and providing physical education lessons and recreational experiences, this book makes it easy to create a varied and exciting program.

  • Best New Games

    Best New Games (Grades K-12)


    Best New Games is a great resource for anyone involved with groups at any level and in any setting. It is a rich mine of entertaining activity ideas for elementary classrooms, after-school programs, physical education programs for all ages, college orientations, religious youth groups, retirement home residents, day care centers for both kids and older people, scout troops, and park district programs. It provides material for party games, ice breakers for a conference or meeting, or activities for any group that includes people who are very different from one another in age, ability level, ethnicity, or culture.

  • Essentials of Team Building

    Essentials of Team Building – Includes DVD (Grades 4-12)


    Help your students develop positive team building skills with this 248 page resource that includes a DVD with video clips of 25 challenge demonstrations. Also includes are reproducible challenge and organizer cards! The authors, with two successful books on team building and 30 years of team-building experience, offer a day-by-day guide for implementing activities and challenges for individual sessions, units, or an entire semester…

  • Complete Guide to Sports Education

    Complete Guide to Sport Education (Grades 4-12)


    Complete Guide to Sport Education will help your students keep children active. It offers theory and application for games, sports, and fitness activities. The teacher resources make it easy to prepare for, administer, and assess the program.

  • International Games

    International Games (Grades 5-12)


    You can find many books that build the motor skills that kids need to succeed in a variety of physical activities and sports. But not many books open kids’ eyes to the cultures and traditions of other countries, giving them a greater appreciation for and understanding of the world around them at the same time.

    International Games: Building Skills Through Multicultural Play features 65 games from 32 countries. The games build players’ physical skills while increasing their cultural awareness, so they focus on the similarities between people no matter where they come from.

  • Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills

    Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills – Includes DVD (Grades 6-12)


    Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills: A Tactical Games Approach (2nd edition) contains 245 actual lessons for popular team sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball), individual sports (badminton, tennis, golf, bowling), and fun international sports (lacrosse, rugby, cricket). Based on a reflective coaching model called the “Tactical Games Approach,” your students will be more successful, active, and self-motivated as they learn these winning game tactics and strategies. This book explains how to apply this approach through ready-to-use lessons to help you do it!

  • Fitness for Life

    Fitness for Life – 5th Edition (Grades 6-12)


    Fitness for Life, the original and best-selling middle and high school textbook for teaching lifelong health and fitness, just got better. Authors Charles B. Corbin and Ruth Lindsey raised the bar several notches for middle and high school fitness texts, retaining the strengths from their previous edition and adding numerous new features and enhancements.