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Pass the Snowball

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This is a good dribbling game for grades K-4.  
Submitted by Carol Lundquist, Tinley Park, Illinois.

This is a neat way to develop basic dribbling skills with your young students!

Equipment: One basketball (or playground ball) and one yarn ball for each student

Skills: Dribbling

How We Do It: This is a warm-up activity that discourages two-handed dribbling and encourages right- and left-hand practice. Give each student a playground ball and a yarn ball. Have them dribble three times, switch the yarn ball to the other hand, and continue dribbling three times. Then switch back again. After several times of dribbling three times, have the students dribble twice and switch. Then move to “dribble, switch, dribble, switch.” This is all done while standing still.

Next, have students walk, dribble, switch the yarn ball, and stay on a path that doesn’t interfere with anyone else. Students feel good about this activity because, while it looks hard when you demonstrate it, they are able to do it with practice.

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