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P.E. Journal Worksheets

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Here’s a good way for students to track their improvement.  
Submitted by Laurie Belfor, Seattle, Washington.  Grades 2-6.  


We have been using Physical Education Journal worksheets for several years and find that my students enjoy recording their scores and seeing themselves improve with time. The worksheets are useful in developing a portfolio of a variety of physical education skills, teacher observation checklists, and other written assignments – much like an artist’s portfolio.

Our Physical Education Journals are good reinforcement for instruction — practice does make a difference — and transfers nicely over to other school work areas and life-long skills. I also take time to talk over goal setting, which is on the back of the journal.

You only need to fold back 1/4 of the sheet to write your goals. Students then can see when they have met their goals or that they need to make some adjustments. I do lessons on goal setting, assessment and how to reach one’s goals. You can include any skills that you want your students to work on. We have used worksheets (such as the following) as low as second grade.

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