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Las Vegas Tag on Wheels

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Here’s a fun scooter game for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Heather Petrie, Vienna, Virginia.


In the never-ending search for the ultimate scooter game, I adapted the “Las Vegas Tag” game developed by Cindy Wright and Joe Mushlock at Seward Elementary School (Great Activities, September/October, 1995). We put this tag game on scooters. Students at all grade levels enjoy participating in this activity.


  • One large foam die
  • About 100-150 poker chips/milk caps
  • Scrimmage vests
  • One scooter per student

How to Play: Each class is divided into four teams and given different colored scrimmage vests. The teams are numbered Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 and Team 4. Students are scattered about the gym, sitting on their scooters. Each player is given three chips to start the game.

The die is rolled and the team number that comes up is it. This team will begin tagging other players. Once tagged, a student must pay the tagger one chip to continue to play. Players who lose all their chips are bankrupt. Bankrupt players may receive a chip from another player or from the teacher (cashier). Once a chip has been given from a classmate or the cashier, the bankrupt player can continue play.

Other Rules: There are a few additional rules to this game.

  • If the number 5 is rolled, all of the students are taggers.
  • If the number 6 is rolled, the teacher is the tagger.
  • If a student falls off the scooter, a chip must be paid to the closest player.

Teacher”s Note: Before the game begins, emphasize the importance of sharing a chip with a player who is bankrupt. Have fun!

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