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It’s In the Cards

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Maureen Kollus and Lou Ann Peterson from Phoenix submitted this good idea for grades 1-6.

We use “Uno” cards to form squads and/or teams. As students receive their card, they look at the color and number and sit in their proper place. We use blue, red, green and yellow markers on the floor to designate square locations. We use numbers 1-8 in the Uno deck. For fun, put some “wild” cards in for a free choice of where to sit!

Teambuilders with Uno Cards: Not only do we find it easy to divide the students into squads or teams, we also use the cards for a variety of team building activities. For example, we may challenge the students to:

  • Line up in number order
  • Line up in reverse number order
  • Line up with odd numbers first (lowest to the highest), then even numbers

Easy Ways to Form Groups: With Uno Cards, there are numerous ways to form groups. For example:

- All 1′s together, 2′s, etc. (for 8 groups)

- Less than 5′s together, 5′s or greater together (for 2 groups)

- Groups of students whose numbers add up to 10 (2+5+3 = 10)

- Groups of students whose total equals an even number when multiplied together (2x1x4 = 8)

- All of the same color together (for 4 groups)

Other: We also use the Uno cards to reinforce our students” skills in addition and multiplication, odd and even numbers, sequencing and colors. The cards enable us to create groups, teams or squads quickly. Students also benefit by working with a different group each time they come to PE. This is a great team-building tool, as well as a great organizational tool!

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