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Games that Really Rock

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Here are several proven games.  Submitted by Tamara Houser from Belleville, Wisconsin.  4-8 

Background: Here are several games and activities that have proven to be very fun and successful for our students!

Fitness Rummy

- 4 cones
- 4 cards marked with station information
- 8 jump ropes
- Mats for curl-ups
- A partial deck of cards containing only Aces, 2′s, 3′s, 4′s, and 5′s of all 4 suits

Set-up: A fitness warm-up idea. Make large display cards for cones to identify what activity is to be done at that suit.

- Hearts = Jumping Jacks
- Diamonds = Push-Ups
- Clubs = Curl-Ups
- Spades = Jump Rope


How We Do It: Divide the class into pairs (or 3′s if there are extra students). One partner from each group goes to the teacher and selects a card. The chooser of the card does the number of laps around the gym that the card says. The partner(s) goes to the suit stations and performs that tasks while the runner runs. The task will not be over until the runner has completed their laps.

For example: If a pair chooses the three of Clubs, the chooser of the card does 3 laps, while the partner goes to the Clubs station, which happens to be curl-ups. When they are finished with their tasks, the pair returns the card and the other partner chooses the next card and runs the designated laps. We usually use this activity for 4-6 minutes.

Clean up the Trash!


- 5-6 large trash bins
- Lots of beanbags (40+)
- Point cards to tape to the bins


Set-Up: Place the bins in the playing area as shown. Each bin is marked with a sign to indicate the number of points it is worth (Ex: 100 – 500 points). The class is divided into Throwers and Retrievers.

How We Play It: First of all, this is a cooperative game. The two groups work with each other, not against each other. The first group of throwers uses an overhand throw to try to get as many beanbags into the bins as possible for a specified amount of time (i.e., 60 seconds).

As they throw, the receiving group slides (underhand) the missed beanbags back to the throwers. At the end of the time, the receiving group takes the beanbags out of the bins and counts up the score.

Both teams switch areas so the receivers can now throw. We use a collective total score so teams are not competing against each other. For example, “Let’s see if we can get over 5,000 points during this game. Ready, go!”

The Fitness Pyramids


- 4 cones to mark laps
- 5-6 Fitness Pyramid activity signs
- Music


Set-Up: Use the four cones to designate where the students run their laps. Copies of the Fitness Pyramids are placed on the walls around the gym where all students can view them. The students are in a scattered formation about the gym with enough space between them so that they can freely perform the exercises.


How We Do It: This is a challenging, but fun, fitness activity. While the music plays, the students have a series of five exercises they must perform and a specific number of laps they must run. For example, the students start off by doing:

- 10 jumping jacks, followed by
- 10 high knee jumps,
- 10 mountain climbers,
- 10 push-ups and then
- 10 curl-ups.

Running Laps: When all these repetitions are completed, the students run 1 lap (the lap should be small, like half of a volleyball court or so).

Count Down – Count Up: When the students are finish with the 1 lap, they return to their personal space and do 9 repetitions of each of the 5 activities – followed by 2 laps. As the students complete each round, the number of exercise repetitions decreases by one as the number of laps increases by one.


When a student finishes in the allotted time, they would be doing: 1 jumping jack, 1 knee lift, 1 mountain climber, 1 push up and 1 curl up – followed by 10 laps!

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