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Fitness Card Game

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A good warm-up for grades 4-8.  
Submitted by Linda Hajjar and Kelli Arrivey, Bothell, Washington.


Here’s a quick and easy fitness warm-up activity for your older students.

How We Do It: The students are divided into teams of 4-5 players. Each team is stationed at a mat with a deck of cards. Designate a dealer. On your signal, the dealer deals one card to each player. Players must perform the task according to the card they receive. The goal is to complete the deck (or a designated number of cards) as quickly as possible.

Card Rank: Activity:
Ace - The entire group jogs one lap (your group must stop what they are doing and all jog).
King - 20 ski jumps over a line.
Queen - Crabwalk the length of the gym.
Jack - 20 jumping jacks.
Diamond - That number of push-ups.
Heart - That number of mountain climbs.
Club - That number of coffee grinders.
Spade - That number of crunches.
Joker - 10 crab push-ups.
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