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Dribbling Madness


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Sharon Welch from Sterling, Virginia submitted this good game helping with dribbling.  Grades 3-5.

Here are some neat dribbling progression ideas that we use with our upper grade students!

Dribble Points — Every student has a ball and dribbles inside the boundaries on your signal. Everyone starts with 5 points. Lose 1 point for going out of bounds, touching another student or ball, or losing control of the ball. Have the students stop after 1 minute, give them additional cues and start another round with 5 points per person.

Dribble Cone Circle — Each student has a ball. On your signal, they dribble anywhere as in the game above, except that this time the students can also gain points by dribbling around cones with the ball on the outside of their bodies.

Low Dribble Cone Circle — This game is a variation of the previous game. In this game the students have the option to earn 2 points for dribbling the ball around a cone while the opposite hand is on top of the cone. This makes the student dribble the ball on a low level, which is the type of dribble one will need when closely guarded by an opponent.

Beanbag Transfer Game — Have one hoop with a beanbag inside for each student. Scatter within the playing area. Each student has one ball. On your signal, the students dribble to the closest hoop and pickup the beanbag while still dribbling. Then they dribble to an empty hoop and drop the beanbag into the middle of it.

If they want to keep points, score 1 point for each beanbag successfully transferred while dribbling. Students may transfer only one beanbag at the time. They must be dropped (not thrown) into the hoops. This is a great activity for dribbling the ball at a low level!

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