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Dribble Mania

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This shows a fun way to encourage dribbling skills.
Submitted for grades 3-6 by Brandi Bazurto, Vancouver, Washington.



Equipment:  One basketball or rubber ball for each student.

Object of the Game:  To dribble the ball from one end of the gym to the other end without having the ball knocked away.

How to Play: Here’s a great basketball lead-up game that has a focus on dribbling skills. All players with a ball stand on one end of the gym except for one player who is chosen to be “It.” When “It” calls out “Dribble!,” all players must dribble to the opposite end of the gym without getting their ball knocked away. “It” tries to knock away as many balls as possible.

Any player whose ball is knocked away is frozen (first the player must retrieve the ball and place it between their feet at the spot where it was knocked away). Once a player is frozen they cannot move their feet, but can reach out and knock away balls of the other players if they get too close. “It” continues to call out “Dribble,” once players reach the opposite endline. The game continues until there is one player left.

Variations: The lower grades are only frozen if their ball is knocked away. It is okay for them to double dribble or pick up the ball if they lose it and start dribbling again. With my more older classes we follow the same dribbling rules that apply in a basketball game, so if they lose their dribble they are frozen. The person who is “It” must also dribble a ball while chasing players.

Teacher Tip: Instead of dribbling a ball, play this game using hockey sticks and pucks.

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