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Castle Ball: Take 2

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While the game of Castle Ball has been around for a while, here are a few modifications for your consideration!


Provide each team with 18 hoops so they are able to make six “Castles.” Each team also has a mat. The foam balls are scattered in the center of the playing area.

Each team can select up to three players to be the Guards. The Guards are the only players who are able to protect the Castles from being hit. Before starting the game, the team members create the Castles from the six hula hoops as shown. On the teacher’s signal, players from each team grab a ball from the center and throw it across the court to attempt to knock down a Castle. As soon as a Castle is knocked down, the team players begin building it back up. The game ends when a team has all three of the Castles knocked down.
Other Rules:

  • Middle Line: The middle line of the gym divides the two teams in half. Each team stays on their half of the court.
  • Jail (Mat): If a thown ball is caught by a player on the opposite team, the thrower goes to the Jail on the other team’s side.
  • To get out of jail, someone from your team must throw a ball to the jail so that it is caught by a player in Jail. When this happens, all of the players in Jail get a “free walk back.”

Here are a few modifications to this game to consider - 

  • If a ball is rolled from the opposite team and touches a player’s feet, the player goes to jail.
  • Another variation is to require the players in Jail to both catch the ball and make a basket in order for everyone to get out.
  • Also Try This! We often add other targets to make this game more interesting. For example, we may add two bowling pins on each side. Now all of the targets, Castles and Pins must be knocked down in order to win.
  • To re-set a pin, a player must make a basket. When this happens, a pin can be re-set by another player.
  • Plunger Targets: We also use “upside down” plungers inside cones as targets. Place a ball on top of the plunger. Again, if a student scores a basket on their side of the court, the Plunger Target can be reset.
  • Four Court CastleBall: We have also used a four-team variation with great success! Provide each team with colord pinnies and divide the gym into four quadrants. Each team has two Castles and assorted other targets.
  • You may also decide to play any of the above variations with no Guards! Try it!
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