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Cardiac Card Contest

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Donna Possemato from Greene, New York submitted this fun game for grades 3-8. 

Background: The Cardiac Card Contest is a great way to incorporate responsible behaviors (sportsmanship, cooperation, safety, and following the rules) and personal fitness as found in the New York State Physical Education Standards. Our kids love this workout!

Set-Up: Use eight mats designated as home bases for eight teams of 5-6 students per team. Each mat has a laminated list of activities (see next page) taped to the front corner. Each team has one deck of playing cards. One player per team is designated as the “dealer.”

How We Play It: When the music starts, the dealer deals one card from the deck and the team matches the card to the activity on their list. The dealer must return the card to the box before the entire team performs the activity. Our Cardiac Card Contest continues until we run out of class time or a team completes the entire deck.

Cardiac Card Activities

Ace: The group jogs clockwise one lap around the basketball court.
King: 20 ski jumps.
Queen: Crabwalk to the cones and jog back.
Jack: 20 jumping jacks.
Diamond: That number of push-ups.
Heart: That number of mountain climbers.
Club: That number of crab push-ups.
Spade: That number of crunches

Student Reminders:

1. Once a card is dealt, it goes to the bottom of the deck.

2. All jogging must be done on the outside of the basketball court and must be run in a clockwise direction.

3. No one may perform an activity inside the jogging area.

4. The dealer may not deal another card until the entire team has performed the current activity.

5. Have fun!

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