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Blackjack Fitness

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What happens when you mix a card game (“Blackjack”) with fitness?
You get a whole- body fitness activity everyone will enjoy!


- Decks of cards and jump ropes
- Fitness Score Sheets

This activity is based on the card game of Blackjack or “21.” It can be played as couples (2 against 2) or individually (1 against 1). Each couple (or person) is given a Score Sheet and finds another couple to play against. A short stack of 15 or so cards is given to each group.

Couples start off with two cards and may take additional cards, trying to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. After everyone gets the cards they want, they must perform the exercises that corresponds with the suit on their cards. Hearts = jump rope, Spades = crunches, Clubs = push-ups and Diamonds = down & back sprints).

Even if a couple goes over 21, they must still perform all of the exercises. After each game, the cards are shuffled and dealt again. Each group keeps track of their score after each game. If a group gets a score of over 21 in a game, this counts as a “0″ on their score card.

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