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Basketball skills lead-in activity


- 4 folding gym mats
- Basketballs of assorted sizes
- 4 to 8 jump ropes
- 8 cones

Stand up two folding mats to form a “box” (Bin) at both ends of the gym. Each Bin is surrounded by a “warning” boundary made of cones and jump ropes by placing the handles of the ropes into the open top of the cones. We have found that these warning barriers help keep the students from running into a Bin and stopping the game action.

Create two teams and place each team on separate sides of the gym. Provide 6-8 basketball to each team. In this game, all players must stay on their side of the gym and may not cross the middle line.
On the teacher’s signal, the players with a ball dribble to an open spot on their side of the court and try to shoot the ball into the Bin on the other side of the gym.
Players without a ball will play defense and try to prevent a shot by guarding the Bin and/or a shooting player by playing close to the mid-court line. Any defensive players who catch and/or retrieve an attempted shot now have the opportunity to dribble to an open spot and shoot. Players may change from offense to defense at anytime during the game.
We often encourage offensive players to pass the basketball to other players who may have a better chance of getting off an open shot. Balls that go into the Bin remain there. Balls inside of a “warning” barrier can be retreived. Continue playing until all of the balls are in the Bins or until there is only 1-2 balls left. Count the number of balls in each Bin to determine a winner.

The kids really enjoy this game. The first few times this game was used, we encouraged more passing than dribbling. For example, the students could not dribble or we allowed up to three dribbles before the student could shot or pass to an open player. A lot of teamwork is used when there are only a few balls left as a variety of strategies being used to score (ex: a strong dribble drive to the mid-court line and quickly passing to an open player). This also provides opportunities to re- teach to the basics of basketball team strategy as well. Lastly, please feel free to move the Bins closer to the center line for your younger students.

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