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Balance The Bagel

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Here are a few fun and challenging activities that we use throughout the school year. Please feel free to modify or adapt to best meet the needs of your students. By Mark Banasiak

Balance The Bagel (K-5)
1 playground ball/basketball per child
1 ping-pong paddle per child Tons of bagels (sliced pool noodles)


How To Play
This is a fun basketball dribbling challenge. The students spread out around the gym with a basketball and a paddle. upon a signal to start, they dribble one lap around the gym while balancing a “bagel” on their paddle. As they successfully make another trip around the gym, they stop and add another bagel to their paddle.

This activity helps to focus on dribbling while using their peripheral vision. Continue as long as you wish. The last time we did this activity, the students traded-up for a small rubber ball after balancing five bagels (successfully completed five laps).



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