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Aerobic Dribbling

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Carol Lundquist from Tinley Park, Illinois submitted this fun warm-up for grades 3-6.

This is a warm-up game that provides dribble practice and an aerobic workout.

Equipment:  4 basketballs, 5 hoops, 8 yarn balls

Objective:  To get three yarn balls into your hoop first.

How to Play: Divide the students into four groups and line them up in the four corners of the room. Put one hoop in each corner and one hoop in the center of the room. Put eight yarn balls in the center hoop. On your signal, the first person in each corner must dribble out to the center hoop and, still dribbling, reach down and take a yarn ball and dribble back to their hoop and put it in the hoop. If it rolls out of the hoop, only the player can put it back in. The team watching may not help. This eliminates sloppy placement.

When all of the yarn balls have been taken from the center hoop, players will have to steal yarn balls from other hoops. Students may steal freely without being stopped; however, they must constantly dribble a ball. This is very aerobic and the students appreciate the rest while waiting their next turn. The game is over when a team is able to get three yarn balls in its hoop.

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