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Zoo Moves


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Background: Here’s a fun obstacle course activity that our kids have really enjoyed!

Zoo Moves: In this obstacle course, the students perform “animal movements” to get from one point to another.

Procedure: On the teacher’s signal, the first player:

(1) Waddles like a penguin for 10 steps,
(2) Leaps like a gazelle over the hurdles,
(3) Crawls like an alligator on their elbows on the first mat,
(4) Runs like a bear on all fours to the second mat,
(5) Flies like an eagle around the end cone, and then
(6) Runs like a cheetah to tag the next player in line.

Other Rules:

1. All players must start in a line and finish sitting in a line.
2. Any player that knocks over a hurdle must set it up before they proceed.
3. Players must wait behind the starting line to be tagged before they go.

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