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Writing in the Gym


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Sue Cobb from Justin, Texas submitted this writing activity for grades K-5.  

What makes us think also makes us move! An excellent way to exercise the brain in a Physical Education class is to write. All you”ll need is butcher paper, index cards and markers.

A Writing Station: Think about including a writing station with your skill stations. Students can lie on the floor and write or draw on the index cards on a given topic. The index cards are then bound together to form class books.

P.E. Wall Journals: In addition to the writing station, your students will love the opportunity to write daily in a P.E. wall journal. Place butcher paper on the gym wall and write a sentence starter or question at the top. Examples:

“What is your favorite sport?”
“Why is P.E. important?”
“I love ….”
“What do you like best about P.E.?”

Start each week with a new wall journal and a sentence starter. This is a great way to let your students know that you believe writing is fun. Plus, it”s an easy way to integrate thinking skills into your program!

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