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Winter Fitnessland


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Debbie Taylor from Bloomington, Illinois submitted these two games for grades K-5.

Here are two great fitness ideas. The first one is for K-2 students and the second one is for 3-5 students.

Holiday Hop (K-2) : This is a fun holiday warm-up activity that is sure to get the heart rate going! To the music of “Run Rudolph Run,” by Chuck Berry or any other Christmas rock music, students perform the following movements to the teacher’s commands.

Teacher: Students:
‘Holly Hop’ Hop on one foot while swinging the other!
‘Jingle Bell Jump’ Jump forward on both feet, then jump right,
backward, and left; repeat.
‘Candy Cane Twist’ The ’50′s version of ‘The Peppermint Twist.’
‘Rudolph Run’ Skip throughout the area to the
lyrics to ‘Run Rudolph Run.’

Our students love this activity! It’s a great way to start the day.

Frequent Miler Club (3-5): We are continually encouraging our students to participate in lifetime fitness activities such as running. To promote this idea and to make warm-up time more interesting, we’ve started the Frequent Miler Club. First, we needed to find out how many times we had to run around the gym to equal a mile. After measuring, we learned that 82-1/2 laps of our gym equals one mile. Periodically, I’ll give students 5 minutes (with music) to jog as many laps as they can.

Students then mark off those laps on their personal ‘club’ card. When they reach 1 mile, they receive a sticker on their cards and special recognition as members of the FMC on the school announcements. A new card is then started. With a revised FMC card this can also be used outdoors.

Special recognition can also be made at the end of the year awards assembly for those students reaching certain goals. Everyone can work at their own pace and there are only winners!

Sample Frequent Miler Club Card

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