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Use Your Noodle


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These are fun noodle activities for K-2 students.  
Submitted by Marjorie Robinson from Rochester, New York.



Background: Foam noodles are a versatile piece of equipment that is affordable and available from a variety of sources (PE equipment supply catalogs, dollar stores, pool supply stores). They are durable and very user-friendly. The book, 50 Ways to Use Your Noodle, by Chris Cavert and Sam Sikes (Leaming Unlimited Corporation, 1997) is full of ideas for games and activities for older students and suggestions for cutting the noodles into various sizes for more activity options.

Noodles can be used in regular education and adapted physical education programs. This lesson also addresses all three of the New York State Leaming Standards for Physical Education.

Equipment Needed:

- One 30-inch noodle for each student (a full-sized noodle cut in half)
- 1-2 inch slices of noodles for each student

Fun Noodle Challeneges: Here is a collection of fun noodle challenges for your students. Have fun!

- Ride the noodle like a horse and gallop around the gym.
- Balance it on different body parts, e.g., hand, neck.
- Throw into air and catch, two hands, one hand.
- Lay the noodle flat on floor and jump over noodle side to side, straddle jumps.
- Lay noodle flat on floor, stand on noodle and try to balance.
- Hold noodle on end in front of body and kick it up in the air.
- Throw like a javelin.
- Hold noodle horizontally, drop and kick it.
- Use noodle like a giant crayon and draw letter of alphabet in the air. Write your name in the air with the noodle.
- Bounce noodle on floor and catch.
- Stand against the wall and place the noodle between your back and the wall. Bend your knees so your back rolls up and down the noodle to get a “Noodle Massage.”
- Place a 1 or 2 inch slice of a yellow noodle on top of a 30 inch noodle to make a birthday candle. Walk around without having candle go “out.” Sing Happy Birthday while walking. When song is over have students blow out their candle by trying to blow the noodle slice off the top of the noodle.
- Carry the noodle under your arm, hold a I or 2 inch slice of a yellow noodle on the end and pretend it is a flashlight. If safe, turn off the lights in the gym and pretend to be hiking in the woods.
- Pretend to be a lumberjack and hit the noodles against the wall like you were chopping down a tree. (This sounds like fireworks when we do it against our padded walls.)
- For a simple cooperative activity, have the students hold the noodles end to end to make a class snake.

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