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Overflow is a fun activity that we use in conjunction with our Frisbee Skills unit. Our students really love this game!

Students are divided into two teams of 5-6 on each team.

In this game, the object is to score a goal by throwing the disc into the goal for 2 points from OUTSIDE a designated quarter line or by “zipping” the disc into the goal for 1 point from INSIDE the quarter line.

Make sure your students understand these rules -

  • Basic “ultimate” rules apply except for this added rule – you may run with the disc only if you spin it on your finger.
  • The disc may not be knocked out of anyone’s hand while it is spinning.
  • If the player with the Frisbee does not throw or pass the disc in 5 seconds, then a turnover takes place.
  • No goalies allowed ““ No one may stand guard in front of the goal cones.
  • Like most non-contact sports, no one should touch another player. If someone is guarding too close or agressively, a foul will be called and the student must to step back or sit down according to the teacher.


  • Using two cones for each goal provides the ability to move them closer or farther apart to match your class’ playing level.
  • Another option is to use the basketball backboards as goals.
  • In this case, any shot behind of the three-point line receives 2 points and 1 point is given to any shot inside the 3-point line.
  • This variation opens up the opportunity for the “Ultimate Double-Score.”
  • A made basket with the ball or Frisbee will double the points of any shot taken. For example, a shot from behind the three-point line counts as a four-pointer!

W.O.W. (Words Of Wisdom)
Take time to practice spinning the Spinnjammer disc or Frisbee. Here are the basics to remember:

  • Remember to spin the disc on the end of your fingernail.
  • Make small circles with your fingernail in the same direction as the spin of the disc. This keeps the disc spinning longer.
  • When outdoors, always try to remember to face the wind to keep your spin going!
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