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Ultimately Captured

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This is a fun variation of Ultimate Frisbee.  In this game there are four scoring areas or “End Zones.”

Create as many games as your space permits. Students are divided into teams of 5-6 players. To set-up the playing area, place12 cones as shown in the diagram to the right. Each game area has a 50′ x 50′ playing square. At the ends of the playing square are four End Zones.

In this game, the object is to score a touchdown by catching the football or foam ball in one of the four End Zones.

Throw-Off: The ball is given to one team. This team throws the ball to the team just like a football “kick-off.” Once the ball is caught, the team advances the ball to any one of the four End Zones for a score. When a score occurs, the team places one of the four extra pinnies in that End Zone.

Play continues with another throw-off to the team that did not score. When a team has “captured” all four End Zones, the game is over. In this game, all Ultimate Frisbee rules apply.

There are several modifications that can be applied to this game as desired. These include:

  • On the initial throw-off, the receiving team can only score in the End Zone that is directly opposite of the team. In other words, as in a game of traditional Ultimate Frisbee. After scoring in that End Zone, all other End Zones are available.
  • Remind the players to throw the ball high into the air towards the middle of the playing square. This allows time for the defensive team to spread out to defend all of the End Zones.
  • Use a different type of ball for each round of the game (ex: football, flying disc, foam ball, yarn ball).
  • Use a soccer ball and play a game of soccer for one or more rounds. If the ball is kicked into the End Zone, that End Zone is captured.
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