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Ultimate Beanbag


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Here is a great team game that will help your students to form strategies and work on their throwing and catching techniques.  
Submitted by April Parrish from Raleigh, North Carolina.  2-6  

Background: Ultimate Beanbag is an awesome way to keep kids active, utilize teamwork, form strategies, work on catching and throwing, and make use of skills learned in other activities. This game is also great for allowing students of all skill levels to play together.  This is a modification of a game I saw last year in Chicago at the AHPERD Convention vendors’ forum.

Set-Up: Ultimate Beanbag is played on a basketball court.  To play this game you need four 5-gallon waste baskets, one beanbag, and enough jerseys for one team.  Two 5-gallon waste baskets are place on each end of the basketball court about 3 feet in from the end line and 3 feet in from the side line on both sides of the court.

How We Play:  Students are divided into two teams.  One team wears jerseys so everyone knows who is on whose team.  One team starts the game with a beanbag at midcourt and then advances the beanbag toward their opponents’ waste baskets.  Students are allowed to throw the beanbag, walk or run with the beanbag two steps, or shoot the beanbag within a 3-second time limit. Here are the other rules for this game -

- If a player holds onto the beanbag for more than 3 seconds, the opposing team gets the beanbag from the spot where the beanbag was held.  The beanbag is put into play by the opposing team immediately.
- If the beanbag touches the floor (incomplete pass, deflected pass, or dropped) the opposing team gets the beanbag from where the beanbag touched the floor.  The beanbag is immediately put into play by the opposing team.
- If the beanbag goes out of bounds (anywhere outside the basketball court) for any reason, the other team gets the beanbag from the spot the beanbag went out of bounds.  Again, the beanbag is put into play immediately by the opposing team.
- A goal is scored when a team shoots the beanbag into their opposing team’s waste basket.  After a goal is scored the opposing team gets to start with the beanbag from midcourt.

Closing: This is a continuous type of game in which the only time a break from action is taken is after a team scores a goal. Have fun!

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