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Twister Ideas


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Grace Lamboni from Salisbury, Maryland submitted these games for grades K-5.  

Background: We have found so many ways to use the “Twister” game mat and spinner in our physical education classes. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Twister Mat Ideas

Jumping Patterns: Put your students in six small groups and assign them to a Twister mat. Have each group come up with their own pattern to travel on the mat. Example: Hop on green, jump to blue, step to red, leap to yellow. Use your imagination!

Targets! Place your mat on the wall and have your students throw to certain spots. You can put point values on different spots.

Fitness Spots: You can write an exercise on each spot. The green spots have upper body exercises (crab walk, push-ups, hand weights, etc.), yellow spots are stretches, blue spots are for abdominals, and red spots are for jumping exercises. We have our students toss a bean bag onto the mat from a designated spot. They must complete an exercise from each color before they are finished.

Spinning Board Ideas

Parachute Works: We have a parachute that has the same four colors as the spinning board. The whole class spreads out around the parachute and walks around it while I spin the arrow. When it stops, so do the students. I read out the color and what I have written on the board. If that student is standing at that color they must do the exercise that is read. Example: “Red” – jog to a jump rope and jump ten times. “Green” – skip around the gym, etc.

Spinercise: Divide the students into four groups. One person from each the group comes up and spins the arrow. Each of the 16 colored dots on the spinner has a different exercise. Example: 10 curl-ups, 25 jumping jacks. They read the exercise the spinner lands on and go back to perform the exercise with the rest of their group. After completing the exercise, a new player spins. Repeat until all of the students in the group have had a turn.

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