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Turkey Hunt

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Mike Bohannon from Leavenworth, Kansas submitted this fun scooter game for grades K-2.

Background: This game is a variation of the “Scooter Shooting Gallery” game submitted by Don Keener in the May, 1998 issue of Great Activities.

- Yarn balls
- Scooters with a rope tied to each scooter
- Cones with a picture of a turkey taped to each cone

Set-Up: First, have the students get in groups of three; they may have one partner if there are not enough for three. Two partners will be throwers and the other student will pull a scooter. The throwers stand on either side of the gym; try to have the same number on each side. They will be throwing yarn balls from behind a designated line, trying to knock a cone off of a scooter.

The cone has a laminated picture of a turkey taped to it. The throwers may go into the middle of the gym to retrieve a ball, but must be behind the line to throw the ball. The throwers are trying to knock any turkey (cone) off the scooter, not just their partner’s.

The Shooting Gallery: The partners with scooters are at each end of the gym and will be pulling the scooter down the middle of the gym. The scooters have a rope tied through the center hole and have a cone on top of the scooter. The students are trying to walk from one end of the gym to the other as many times as they can without getting their cone knocked off. If the cone gets knocked off, re-set it and start walking the other direction. A game lasts 1-1/2 to 2 minutes; then the partners switch places. The new throwers gather up the yarn balls before starting the next game.

Throwing Cues: Before the game we discuss the proper throwing technique. We also talk about the release point being lower because they are throwing toward the floor. I remind the students pulling the scooters to walk and watch where they are going because there are people walking back and forth down the middle of the gym.

This activity provides a great deal of overhand throwing practice in a short amount of time. Before starting a new round, I like to point out several students who have demonstrated good form (e.g., stepping in opposition, rotating the hips, etc.) during that round.

This game has been a lot of fun to play around the Thanksgiving season. This activity can be modified by using pumpkins or ghosts for Halloween and Leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day.

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