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Train Station


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A neat warm-up acivity for K-3 students.  
Submitted by Missy Goodrich, Wheeling, West Virginia. 



BACKGROUND: Here’s a fun warm-up activity that we have found to be a real hit with our students. Since stopping quickly and changing directions smoothly under control are basic body management skills needed for most sport activities, this is a great drill to help your student practice these skills.

Equipment: None

Area: This activity can be played indoors or outside.

How to Play: Have the students in a scattered formation about the playing area. Tell the students that they are “trains” and about to pull out of the train station. As they start out, they jog at a moderate pace about the area. They can move anywhere in the gym.

The only thing the “trains” need to remember is that when they hear the train whistle (your whistle), they need to quickly stop in place. When they stop, they should be balanced with their knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart, and in control.

On a second whistle, all of the “trains” will pull out of the station for another quick game. The students can travel at their own pace, the more highly skilled players may want to run, while another students may want to run slowly in order to stop under control.

Encourage the students to “make a game” of the activity. There are no penalties for the students who cannot quickly stop. Each student should try to reach and stretch their abilities while trying to see if they can quickly stop under control.

Practice team sport situations with your older students: Who can leap in air, catch an imaginary football, and land under control? Who can run after a softball, catch it, and then spin and turn for a throw to first base?

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