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Touch 30


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Patricia Wirszyla from Greenwood, South Carolina submitted this neat team-building game for grades 5-8.  

Background: This is a team-building activity perfect for the first day of school. It usually works best with students in grades 5 and higher.

Equipment Needed:
- Paper plates that have been numbered 1-30
- Cones
- Stopwatch

Set-Up: Use the cones to designate a large circle. Inside the circle scatter the paper plates.

Let students look at the circle for about 5 seconds and then take them to the starting line. Students are told that communication between one another is key. If something doesn’t work out on the first time down, try something different the next time. Emphasize that teamwork is important.

How We Do It: The students gather outside the circle. The challenge is to cooperate and touch all of the numbered paper plates in order as quickly as possible. Only one student is allowed to enter the circle at a time. On the teacher’s signal, the first student goes inside the circle and touches the plate with #1 and exits the circle. Another student goes inside the circle and touches #2 and exits.

The third student goes and touches #3. This continues until all the numbers have been touched. A student may not go twice until all of the students have had an opportunity. When all of the numbers have been touched and all of the students are out of the circle, the stopwatch is stopped and the group-s time is announced to the students.

Was That Your Best? Give the students three to five opportunities to get their score as low as possible. As students communicate and work together, their time will get faster. Natural leaders will emerge, as well as good team players. After each time, ask students what they think they could do differently to have a faster time. Use guided questions to solve the problem.

Other Rules: Only one student is allowed in the circle at a time. If two students are in the circle, a 5-second penalty is added to the final time of the team.

Helpful Hints to Students: You may offer these hints to your students at appropriate times if necessary.

- Think about assigning a number/numbers to each individual.
- Is being in a line the best way to be organized?
- How about spreading out around the circle next to your assigned number?
- When you touch your number and leave the circle, yell “Out.”

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