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Here is a fun game for grades 6-8.  
Submitted by Karan Kriger, Trenton, New Jersey.  


Teacher’s Note: My students ask me how I know so many neat games and activities. I show them Great Activities. This is a game developed by a student, Kenny Garcia. He worked long hours with his language teacher writing the directions for this game. He asked me to send his game to you!

Grade Level: 6-8

Objectives: Running and dodging

Equipment: 2 foam balls and 4 bowling pins

Equipment Set Up: Designate an area for a police station and an area to be the robber’s hideout. Place four bowling pins as shown.

Story Set Up: This small-group game is very exciting! Select two students to be policemen and four to six to be the robbers. Send all of the robbers to their “hideout” and all of the policemen to their “station.” Then the robbers try to steal the bowling pins from the corners. The policemen want to keep the bowling pins on the corners, so they try to tag the robbers with a ball.

Game Rules: Explain to the students that when the policemen say “go,” the robbers run from their hideout and try to steal the bowling pins from the corners. The policemen cannot come out of their office until the robber picks up a bowling pin. If the policemen tags a robber who has a bowling pin, the robber is out. If a robber is able to get the bowling pin back to the hideout without being tagged, the robber is safe. Robbers who are out go to the Robber’s Hideout.

End of the Game: When the robbers have four bowling pins in their hideout, or if all of the robbers have been tagged, the game is over.

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