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Becky Greene from Greenwood, South Carolina submitted this great game for grades 3-6.

Background: This is a cute “object lesson” to reinforce the concept of being a team player. Prior to this activity, ask one of your students to be the “Donkey” without letting the class know.

How We Do It: This activity can be played in the gym or outside. With the class in a large circle, whisper the name of a barnyard animal (e.g., cow, chicken, sheep, duck, pig) to each student. Have 4-5 students per barnyard animal group. When all of the students have been assigned to an animal group, have the students scatter about the playing area.

On the teacher’s signal, all of the students start making their barnyard animal’s sound (e.g., cows “moo,” chickens “cluck”). The student who is the donkey makes a loud “hee-haa!” As the students hear their fellow animals, they cluster together. Soon all of the cows, chickens, sheep, ducks, and pigs are in groups. But the donkey is still wandering around braying “hee-haa!, “hee-haa!” and looking for a group to join.

After a while, bring the entire class together. Discuss the importance of a team and why it is important to develop an attitude of a team player. Even the best hitter on a baseball team may be asked to bunt. His or her job is to get the job done for the team!

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