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The Toy Story

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Dawn Berg from Delano, Minnesota submitted this cool tag game.  Grades K-2.  

Here is a fun tag game based upon the movie “Toy Story.”

Skill Objectives:  Tagging, dodging, and running

Equipment:  3-4 hula hoops

Equipment Set-Up: Use the endlines in the gym as safety lines that students run to and from. Place one hula hoop on the floor for the “small toybox for Woody.” Also place two or three hula hoops on the floor to be used as the “large toy boxes” for the “captured toys.”

Story Set-Up: Tell the students they are all “toys” from the movie “Toy Story.” Select one student to be “It” and call him/her “Buzz Lightyear.” Select another student to be “Woody.” Before the game begins, send Woody to stand inside his small “toybox,” where he is safe from Buzz. Send Buzz to the center of the gym. Send all of the other students to one endline (bedroom). Introduce Woody (have him wave to the students and have them wave back, saying “Howdy, Woody!”).

Then introduce Buzz Lightyear by saying “Hi, Buzzzzzzzzz,” and have the students do the same. Finally, ask the kids to name some toys (from the movie or just some of their favorites) and assign them to groups of 4-5 students per toy (Slinky, soldiers, race car, Potato Head, T-Rex, Little Bo Peep, etc.). Every new game, when new students are selected to be Woody and Buzz, introduce them again the same way (the students enjoy the theatrics). Students get the opportunity to switch to a different toy for each new game.

Game Rules: Explain to the students (toys) that when Buzz calls out by name one or more groups of toys (“All race cars,” for example), that group runs from one endline (bedroom) to the other, trying not to be tagged by Buzz. To avoid collisions, Buzz must empty all of the toys out of one bedroom before turning around to the opposite bedroom, and nobody can run through the toy boxes.

Any toys that Buzz tags are “captured” and must proceed directly to the large toy boxes on the sideline. Woody can leave the safety of his small toybox at any time to run over to any of the large toy boxes on the sideline, where he rescues the toy that has been captured for the longest time; but he must arrive without being tagged by Buzz. The toy that is freed by Woody runs to rejoin the toy group.

End of Game: When Woody is tagged by Buzz, the game ends.

Variations: For faster action in a game, have two Buzz Lightyears. For even faster action in a game, have two Buzz Lightyears and two Woodys.

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