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The Super Fit Club


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A school-wide fitness club for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Becky Hudson, Wilkesboro, North Carolina.


BACKGROUND: We have several student fitness clubs that have been great for our school-wide fitness emphasis. The students are able to “join” the clubs by demonstrating a variety of fitness skills throughout the year.

The classroom teachers and myself help to monitor the students as they experience progress in cardiovascular fitness, upper arm strength, and other general fitness items. WHY FITNESS CLUBS? At the present time, I am only able to see my students once a week for thirty minutes. In order to have a more consistent approach in developing student fitness, a motivational system was needed to give structure and goals for the students. The fitness club approach is used because the classroom teachers find it easy-to-manage, productive, and fun!

Here is a short description of the student fitness clubs we have at Wilkesboro School!

HAPPY HEARTS CLUB: To help our students develop better cardiovascular endurance, we have a “Happy Hearts” Club that rewards the students for walking or jogging throughout the year. The classroom teachers allow time during the week for the students to either walk or jog.

Students earn certificates for every five miles they complete. A “Happy Hearts” T-shirt is given to all students and teachers who complete the following goals:

Kindergarten: 15 Miles

First Grade: 20 Miles

Second Grade: 25 Miles

Third Grade: 30 Miles

Fourth Grade: 35 Miles

Fifth Grade: 40 Miles

Sixth Grade: 45 Miles

Teachers: 50 Miles

The students used the school’s track once a week and the teachers kept- records of the accumulated miles. Each year we have a student design the T-shirt. It is a great motivator!

KANGAROO CLUB: The students work during the school year to improve their jump rope skills. We set goals at skill levels that progressively challenge the students. A certificate is given as each level is achieved and the student also signs a chart in the gym signifying he or she is a member of the club.

Joey/Level One: Using a long rope, stand in the center and jump ten times.

Cub/Level Two: Using a long rope, run in, do ten consecutive jumps, run out.

Jr. Roo/Level Three: Short rope, ten consecutive jumps forward, any style.

Roo/Level Four: Short rope, ten consecutive jumps forward using single bounce, same backwards.

Super Roo/Level Five: Short rope, ten jumps each of: front and back (bell), side-side (ski jumps), scissors, side straddle, and criss-cross.

UP FOR FITNESS CLUB: There are two levels of this club. The student is given a certificate for reaching each level.

Level One: One pull-up

Five push-ups

Ten curl-ups

Level Two: Two pull-up

Ten push-ups

Twenty curl-ups

SUPER FIT CLUB: Any student who achieves membership in all of the fitness clubs is an automatic member of the Super Fit Club. Once the student is a member of the Super Fit Club, his or her name is added to our chart on our “Wall of Fame” in the gym!

I hope that you find these student fitness clubs as productive as I do! Try to establish the fitness goals in each club in such a way that at least 99.9% of the students can be in two or more of the clubs each year. I look for ways to make every student feel and be successful.

After all, …. “It’s the Kids that Count!”

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