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The Hunt

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Here’s a game for upper body strength.  
Submitted by Wayne Flint, Keswick, Virginia.  Grades 3-5.


Here is a fun game that we designed to help increase upper body strength in a fun and exciting activity.


  • Inflated car inner tubes (rabbits)
  • Playground balls in assorted sizes

CLASS FORMATION: Have all of the hunters (throwers) line up on the outside of the two long sidelines. Hunters must start there and throw the ball by using a soccer throw-in. Place four or five “rabbit rollers” along the two narrow sidelines of the field. The rabbit rollers will roll the inflated inner tubes one by one across the gym.

THE HUNT: Create a story that has the hunters or gardeners lined up along the long sidelines with the balls. Explain that the hunters are trying to chase the rabbits of the garden by throwing the balls at them as they hop through the field.

We rotate the players by allowing the last hunter who hit the rabbit before it came to a complete rest to take that thrower’s place.

Happy hunting!

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