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The Great Pumpkin Patch Game

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A neat Halloween activity for grades K-5.
Submitted by Judy Blum, Willowbrook, Illinois.


My husband, Tim, plants mini-pumpkins in our garden every year for any Halloween activities with the kids during Physical Education. This year I came up with a wonderful Halloween activity to utilize them.

The kids are in a circle formation. At their feet are Halloween cardboard figures I buy at the store and then laminate. I use cardboard pumpkins, ghosts, witches, scarecrows, haunted houses, etc.

When the spooky music goes on, they move around the circle being careful not to step on the figures. When the music stops, they put one foot on a figure and I then call one figure out.

All the students who have one foot on that particular figure run around the circle clockwise through their empty space to the middle of the circle where they find “The Great Pumpkin Patch.”

In a hoop I have 20-30 mini-pumpkins. Under about ten of them I have written in magic marker “The Great Pumpkin.”

Then I explain when you go to a pumpkin patch, you search and search for the best pumpkin. Then I tell them that if they pick “The Great Pumpkin” from the patch, they earn a point for their Halloween figure.

It’s fun to watch the little ones walk around the circle just hoping to pick “The Great Pumpkin!” When everyone has picked a pumpkin from the patch, I start the music again so everyone gets a turn to pick from “The Great Pumpkin Patch.”

Have fun with your students in Physical Education on those special holidays.

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