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The Golden Frog


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A cute dynamic balance activity for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Jane Ziegler, Shawnee Mission, Kansas. 


Equipment: Frisbees for half the class and as many fleece balls as possible.

Set up: Divide the class in half. Half the class will line up behind the end line standing on the lily pad (frisbee). Each frog has their own lily pad and may not use any others during the game.

The other half of the class divides again placing half that group on one side of the gym and the other half on the other side of the gym. These players are the frog catchers and should try to start with at least two balls each.

The Game: On your signal, the frogs advance down the gym. They do so by removing the frisbee from under their feet and tossing it a short distance away.

The frog then jumps to the new lily pad (frisbee). The frog catchers roll the balls across the gym as obstacles for the advancing frogs.

If a frog touches a ball while not on a frisbee, he or she must return to the starting line and start again. Frog catchers may only go into the pond to retrieve the balls but must return to the bank (behind sidelines) to throw. Frog catchers may move up and down the banks.

Golden Frog Friends! Once a frog makes the journey successfully to the other end of the gym it becomes a golden frog.

Then they pick up their lily pad and enter the pond – blocking balls and helping their fellow frogs to become golden. Play continues until all frogs have finished with the help of their golden friends.

At this point changing roles — tossers become frogs and try their luck at becoming a golden frog.

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