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The Go Fish Game


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A nautical-themed fitness card game.


  • Ships: For this activity, place the eight cones (Ships) in the center of the gym.
  • Divide the class into eight groups, assigning each group to a Ship. The groups line-up at their assigned cone.
  • Ocean Landmarks: In the corners of the gym are the four landmarks. Each Landmark has four different colored hoops with four “Go Fish” cards in each hoop.
  • Go Fish Cards: Each of the eight Ships is given a set of “Go Fish” cards (6-8 cards) and a designated color (i.e., Blue, Red, Green, Yellow). The “Go Fish” card will tell them the match they are trying to find and the color will tell them in which hoop to look.

The Go Fish Ocean: This is located in the center circle of the gym and is filled with a variety of Go Fish Fitness Cards. Each card has a designated exercise and Fitness Point value (i.e., 5 Push-Ups; 10 points) on the back.

On the teachers signal, the first student from each Ship turns over their first Go Fish card and swims to an ocean landmark. When the student gets to the Landmark, he selects one card from the hoop matching the teams cone color (i.e., blue cone = blue hoop).

If the card he picks matches the Go Fish card (i.e., Sam Starfish), he brings the matching card back to his team and leads his shipmates in a Victory Lap around the gym. When the lap is over, the next player in line turns over a new Go Fish Card as the game continues.

If it is not a match, the player goes to the Go Fish Ocean, selects a fish cut-out, and brings it back to the Ship. The students do the exercise and place the captured fish in their hoop.

When finished exercising, the next student in line turns over the next card and swims to a Landmark to find a matching Go Fish card.



There are several ways to end this game:

  • When a team matches all of the cards,
  • When the “Go Fish Ocean” is empty,
  • When a team gets a pre-determined number of “Fitness Points” or

When the designated time is up.

Use the following templates for this activity. Each team should have eight different matching Go Fish cards. If possible, try to color-code the cards to match the four different colored hoops. For example:

  • Green Paper: 4 copies of each card;
  • Red Paper: 4 copies of each card;
  • Blue Paper: 4 copies of each card;
  • Yellow Paper: 4 copies of each card. 


Please feel free to write different exercises on the sample Go Fish Fitness Cards template as well. We hope you have a whale of a time!

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