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The Fitness Pursuit Game


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Here’s a fun activity for grades 3-8.  
Submitted by Michele Levine and Davis Smith, Smithtown, New York.  


Background: The Fitness Pursuit Game is a life-sized version of a children�s board game. Our students really like this activity!


  • Poly spots with task cards under each spot
  • One die
  • Upbeat music

How We Play It: Set up the spots in a pattern as shown. Place one task card under each poly spot. The game starts with each student standing on one of the poly spots. The teacher stands in the center of the gym and rolls the die. Each student advances the number of spaces indicated by the die. When the student gets to the spot, he turns the spot over and performs the activity indicated on the card. If he has to advance or go back as indicated on the card, he moves to that spot but does not turn over the spot.

The teacher rolls the die again as the game continues. The object of the game is to proceed around the playing area and return (or pass) the original spot. If a student returns to his original spot and the game is still in progress, he continues playing.

Task Cards: Here are a few examples of the activities written on the task cards.

- 10 Jumping Jacks.
- Crabwalk 6 spots ahead.
- 10 ski jumps over your spot.
- Too much junk food… go back 3 spots.
- Run to the nearest wall and skip back.

Modifications: When playing this game with younger students (K-2), place all of the task cards into a box. After rolling the die, have one student go to the box and pull out a task card. The card is read aloud to the class. All of the students perform the same task together. In addition to fitness activities, the task cards may include other challenges such as:

- Spell your first name as you skip to shake the hand of a friend. Spell your last name on the way back.
- Run to the closest wall and slide back to the spot.
- Balance on one foot on the spot as you count to 10.
- Move forward 10 spots as you say your phone number and area code.

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