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The Fat Facts Game


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This game helps kids understand nutrition fundamentals.  
Submitted by Judy Blum, Willowbrook, Illinois.  Grades 4-6.


The Fat Facts Game will introduce your students to the concept that most foods contain a certain percentage of fat. Since fat has 9 calories per gram, versus 4 calories per gram for carbohydrate and protein, it takes more physical activity to “burn off” a gram of fat. Lower-fat foods take less effort to work off. That is the concept behind this game.

You will need food cards that give you calorie content and fat content. You then convert the fat content into a percentage. In the corner of each food card, write the percentage (%) of fat it contains. Spread all of the food cards in the middle of the playing area. Have three hoops spread out, with one hoop labeled “LOW FAT CONTENT,” one hoop labeled “HIGH FAT CONTENT,” and one hoop labeled “MEDIUM FAT CONTENT.” Behind each hoop, put a large cone with the following information on it.

The less fat in a particular food, the easier the exercises were; and the more fat, the harder the exercises were to do. This game was really helpful in teaching this to our students!

How to Play the Fat Facts Game: Divide your class into four groups with all of the food cards in the middle and the three hoops arranged in the middle to form a triangle. On “Go,” the first person takes one lap around the outside of the playing area and then runs to the middle and grabs one food card. He/she then looks at the percentage of fat and decides which hoop the card should be placed in. For instance, a picture of butter, 100% fat, would be placed in the “HIGH FAT CONTENT” hoop.

After placing the food card in the proper hoop, he or she chooses one of the exercises to do to burn off the fat calories, the player runs back to his or her team, and leads the exercise as the rest of the teams does the exercise ten times. When the exercises are completed, the player goes to the end of the line and sits down. When everyone is sitting, the teacher checks for accuracy and gives each team 1 point if they are correct. Continue until everyone has had a turn. Then sit everyone around each hoop and have a discussion about the foods in that hoop, the fat content in each one of the foods, and examples of better food choices. It’s a great learning experience for your students!

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