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The Bowling Game


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Katherine Hausler from Clinton, New Jersey submitted this fun game for grades K-2.

Background: This is a fun and challenging “target” activity for your younger students.

- 6-10 bowling pins
- 10-20 cones
- Music
- A variety of different sized and shaped balls

Divide the class into groups of four students as shown below:

How We Play It: Each group of two students stands behind a cone. In the center of the two lines is a bowling pin. One side is given a ball. When music starts, the game begins; when it stops, the class sits down. The object of the activity is to knock down the bowling pin. Each time the pin is knocked down, the team gets 1 point. The teams are both sets of students on either side of the bowling pin. To start the game, the team with the ball rolls it at the pin. If they miss, they go to the end of their line and the other side rolls. If they knock the pin down, they set it up and go to the end of their line and the score keeper gives the team 1 point. After a while we stop the music and make the activity more difficult by increasing distance from the pins or by using a smaller ball. Throughout the activity, I walk from group to group to help individuals who are having difficulty.

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