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Your students will be jumping like mad as they try to master fun new jump rope tricks!

At our school, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of instructional technology that we are encouraged to use as much as possible within our instruction. One of the lessons that we were able to develop was a jump rope skills assessment. For this activity, we used 10 laptop computers as instructional activity stations. These were placed around the gym with each laptop showing a short video of a jump rope skill which was “looped” during the lesson.

After your students are instructed in a variety of on-going jump rope skills instruction, provide the following assessment stations as one formative assessment. Divide the class so that each student has a partner. The partners are told to visit each of the Jump Rope Stations, watch the jump rope trick on the laptop computer and try to perform it. Students use one of the following peer assessment sheets that list each of the jump rope skills. Both students are directed to assess each other’s ability to perform those tricks as directed by each Partner Assessment Sheet.
Please feel free to use the three assessment sheets and the associated jump rope skills (two per page) for this activity.

For teachers without access to laptops, place photos or written steps of how each trick is performed. A great resource for basic and advanced jump rope tricks can be found online at:

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